Why Use Us

In this economy, the most important truck driving candidate is the new student. They need a career change and they need it now. Servicing our CDL training schools and directly enticing new student prospects is how we fill your classrooms. We use every avenue to reach prospective students from television ads and the Internet, to the oft neglected telephone. Statistics show a good portion of new students have cell phones rather than computers. The telephone, especially in this economy, remains an important tool to in filling those seats.

1-800-TRUCKER is a fast and easy to remember number and an extremely easy way for students to find your school. In these uncertain times, the telephone creates a familiar jumping off point to action in our society. Don’t limit your marketing strategy, use all the tools available to fill those seats in your classrooms. Here are some valuable scenarios for you, from a prospective students standpoint:

  1. Listening to the radio, at home or in the car, the music stops and the announcer clearly states: “Call 1-800-TRUCKER today!”
  2. 1-800-TRUCKER comes up in casual conversation while hanging out with friends at the local watering hole
  3. Driving by a billboard on the road that is advertising “1-800-TRUCKER”
  4. Reading the local paper while catching up on the latest sports scores and seeing “1-800-TRUCKER”
  5. Catching a glimpse of “1-800-TRUCKER while flipping through the television channels
  6. A fellow bowler in their league mentions “1-800-TRUCKER” or is overheard at the bowling alley
  7. Driving on the freeway, they notice “1-800-TRUCKERr” advertised on a training school vehicle
  8. They catch some time on the internet and use a search engine to find out information, “1-800-Trucker” is advertised
  9. They get to your website. Right away they see “1-800-TRUCKER” Statistics show the first 7 seconds of viewing your website post a memory statement in the mind of the viewer and a powerful first impression.

Use 1-800-TRUCKER to bridge the marketing gap in this new and emerging technology based economy. It is the single most valuable statement your website will make.

The following statement is what guides all advertising and marketing campaigns, for the Fortune 500:

“In the promotion of your company, there are expedients which stimulate sales. The best expedient is the one that safeguards the position of the advertiser through memory retention of one specific item, during the viewing of that presentation, your Home Page.”

“The Vanity 800 Number is the most efficient way to promote memory retention.”

AT CDLTrainingSchools.com we know your first priority is getting the name of your CDL training school with your new phone number : 1-800-TRUCKER in the minds and on the fingers of as many potential students as possible. When you read over more information about our company, and become more familiar with our marketing strategies, there will be no doubt that using 1-800-TRUCKER is the right decision for your business.