Why Trucking

The 10 Best Reasons Why Trucking is a Great Career

1. High Pay
Currently, starting salaries for company truck drivers have never been higher. In the very beginning of your career there are many opportunities to earn while you learn. Then, the more on the job knowledge and experience you gain, the higher your earnings. There are many job positions that are paid by the mile. So the more you drive, the more your earn. There are experienced truckers earning $100,000 in a year. The sky is really the limit.

2. Freedom and Flexibility
Being your own boss means setting your own hours and schedule. If weekends are not an option, only work weekdays. You are in control of your earnings. Set your driving time based on how much money you wish to make. Become independent at work.

3. Tour the Country
Get in the driver’s seat. See this great land of ours and gaze at its beauty right outside your office window. A new view and new horizons with every work day could be yours; from the Ozarks, to the Oceans, to the Grand Canyon , or even Vegas. Go where you want to go.

4. Job Security
Nearly 90% of all goods sold and delivered are moved throughout the Continental United States by professional truckers. This is a fact. This will not change in the foreseeable future. You will feel secure in the fact there will always be a job for you.

5. Be With Your Spouse
Why spend any time away from the one you love. Travel together. Be together. There is plenty of room in the big rig for your spouse to enjoy touring the country with you. There are a large number of husband and wife driving teams.

6. Be Your Own Boss
Of course, many truck drivers join the industry because they like to live independently. That is the beauty of the job. You decide how you work. A high percentage of the big rigs out on our highways are privately own and operated trucks. Drive solo, or with your spouse. It’s up to you. Live the American dream when you want and how you want.

7. Benefits
Another option is to get with a trucking company. Many companies in the industry offer health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents. Most companies also offer short and long term disability insurance. Some of the trucking companies even offer 401k benefits and retirement packages. You can put your family in the same corner as the most powerful union in America: the Teamsters Union.

8. Make New Friends
People love and respect professional truckers. They know how important you are. Wherever you are in this great land, you meet other truckers and people who feed and take care of them. Sipping coffee and eating pie at a diner, hanging out at a truck stop playing pool, or simply being with your loved ones and friends during time off. Each of these places is full of respect for an honest days wage. Feel good about yourself and your work.

9. Bonuses
Referring a new driver to the company could bring you upwards of $5,000 each, paid directly to you. Opportunities abound as you travel to kick up conversations that clue you in to truckers wanting to change employers or relocate to a trucking company with headquarters in a state where a trucker is now living. Use those opportunities to your advantage, and remember your reputation rides on those referrals. So make good ones.

10. Starting Over
Some times in our lives a fresh start is just what we need. Use a new career change as a chance to start over: new friends, new relationships, new everything. Make the things in your life happen that you have always hoped would happen.