Landing a Job

Truck Drivers Wanted in America

Regulation changes in the trucking industry are due to take effect soon. A driver shortage looms on the horizon. American commerce relies heavily on truck drivers. Fewer trucks moving goods on the highways, means less commerce in an already weak economy. By obtaining your commercial driver’s license, you could be instrumental in getting America’s economy back on track.

In most cases, the school that certifies you, places you in your first job. This first job is your proving ground. Expect to have your driving tested for safety regularly in your first position. Only after you have proven yourself safe on the road, can you then move on to handling your own big-rig. During that trial period, take the time to learn all the ins and outs of driving big trucks. If just anyone could do it, there wouldn’t be a shortage of professional truck drivers.

CDL Training Schools

The best way to a career making good money as a truck driver starts with finding the best truck driving school to certify you. Certification and getting prepared to work behind the wheel is the first step in that awesome truck driving career you have always wanted. Good training gives you the ability to drive your truck well. Our site will show you the most reputable schools in the country. At we have a list of truck driving schools for every state in the US.

We have located good truck driving schools in your area; with well-qualified teachers that will get you into a new career as a successful truck driver.

The state of the economy means that competition exists for these jobs. Attending a good school and getting trained by reputable teachers can make a world of difference in proving your driving abilities. In order to put you ahead of the pack, we have done the leg work for you. One fantastic resource we have: free sample tests for the CDL exam. Another important resource we have is information regarding trucking standards and regulations. You can get up to speed quickly and impress the highest paying employers at the best companies.

We aim to keep you current on the changing laws within the industry. The work we have done for you, can help you keep your job where others may fail. The truck driver schools we recommend to you will teach you how to stay current. You won’t be one of those drivers who fall behind on the standards and regulations of the industry. You will build a lasting, lucrative career driving trucks.

Training to be a Truck Driver

The driver’s seat is where you want to be, and our website will help you get there!

A successful career in trucking is what you need. A truck driving school will get you ready, qualify you, and license you to become a candidate for the job you desire. At we lay it all out for you. Everything you need to know cdl training is here: a searchable list of truck schools near you and the resources you need to become a safe, knowledgeable driver ready to handle the wheel of a truck.

Today’s tough economy is real and that means it has never been more important to receive the best cdl training possible. Predictions are being made by top industry experts stating the field for truck driving jobs is about to get a lot more competitive. Having the right start with a solid, reputable truck driving school is very important. Concurrently, new safety laws are being instated. Those drivers who haven’t stayed up-to-date will find themselves being replaced by drivers who have maintained their knowledge of such laws and standards. The schools we work with will keep you “in the know” on all the latest safety protocol and accountability requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We offer resources that will help you breeze through your commercial driver’s license test and train you on how to safely operate large vehicles. We will educate you on all the different accountability, safety, and compliance standards set by your state’s transportation office.

With this site and our toll free help line: 1-800-TRUCKER, you will have all you need to transition into a new successful career. And with time and practice you will develop the skills you need for that high paying truck driving job you desire.

The Test

Without a CDL license, you can’t be a trucker. And you can’t get that license without passing the CDL test.

After training you will be tested to prove your knowledge. When it comes to CDL test taking time, we have got you covered. We offer free practice versions of the commercial driver’s license test. Our online CDL test makes preparing for the real thing fast and easy. Included are sample questions on the same topics and safety standards that you will see on test taking day.

It is a good idea to take the practice test more than once. In fact, we suggest taking the test all throughout your attendance at the cdl training school. Watch your test scores improve. Then, when the big day arrives, you can feel confident and pass the test with ease. Finally, you will be ready to get behind the wheel.