Financial Aid

CDL Training Schools

Many cdl training schools make it their business to not only assist you in job placement your first time out, but also helping you determine which method of training is best for you.

There are many different ways you can get cdl training paid for you, which gets you prepared for your all important commercial driver’s license test. These include financial aid and grants to get your new career off the ground for you. The trucking companies who will eventually hire you share this attitude and many of them offer reimbursement of your costs of getting trained and up to speed.

You could possibly be asking yourself , “What is the difference between paid CDL training and tuition reimbursement?”

Paid CDL training means a company or business pays your tuition for you, in part or in full. Now, you know as well that nothing in life is FREE, but all the trucking company may require of you is to sign an employment contract for anywhere from one to two years. Job security is a good thing. Please keep in mind that if you don’t adhere to the terms of the contract, quit, or are fired, a bill will arrive in the mail for the remaining money owed. As with any signed document, treat it with the utmost respect and make it work for you.

Tuition reimbursement happens after training has occurred. A trucking company makes an agreement with you, terms are set, and that company pays you directly an additional amount, on a monthly basis until your tuition has been repaid in full or part, depending on the terms. Of course, the same rules apply: you must be working for the company to receive the money.

Tuition reimbursement exists as a show of good faith, the trucking company appreciates your initiative in furthering your tuition and earning your CDL. These are the kind of industry contacts wants to give you. Many of the truck driving schools listed on our website set you up in jobs with companies that will repay your CDL training school tuition as long as you are working for that company.

Tuition reimbursement differs from paid CDL training in that there is no contract. You work for the trucking company for as long as you see fit, there is no required length of employment set out before the job begins. The choice is up to you.

There are also other sources of long and short-term financing for your truck driving training tuition, including: outside financing with banks and other financial institutions, and in-house financing offered through the truck driving schools themselves. Of course, being in America, our professional cdl training schools accept cash, check and credit cards. Explore all your options.