A Guide to CDL Training Schools

People who aspire to have a lucrative career as a professional truck driver need to take courses with cdl training schools to learn what they need to know to pass the mandatory commercial driver’s license (CDL) exam. Before enrolling in a cdl training school consider the tuition price, the main focus of the coursework, and the job placement assistance offered.

Because the demand for jobs in the trucking industry have grown steadily, so has the business of cdl training schools. Among the hundreds sprouting up across the country, finding a truck driving school can be relatively easy, but finding a top-notch school take some work. That’s exactly what we’ve done at CDLTrainingSchools.com.

In compiling our comprehensive list of top-notch cdl training schools from around the country, these were the questions we asked our industry insiders:

  1. How long has the school been in business?
  2. Who are the affiliates the school can depend on?
  3. What does their training cost students?
  4. Do they offer financial assistance to students, such as private loans, financing, tuition reimbursement, or discounts to qualified students?
  5. What does their coursework mainly focus on? What percentage is written work compared to hands-on experience?
  6. What types of vehicles and equipment are used in training?
  7. What is the success rate of their student when it comes to the CDL exam?
  8. What is the feedback the schools receive from employers once students are sent out in the field?
  9. What kind of job place assistance and employment opportunities do they offer to help you launch your professional truck driving career?

Remember, once you have passed your CDL test and prove yourself on the job, word travels fast in the industry and companies want good drivers. At this stage, recruitment from many different companies is common.

The option also exists to be more independent in your career and choose to be an owner-operated truck driver and work on a freelance or per project basis.