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Choosing a good truck driving school is the most important decision you will make, once you have decided to go down the path to a career as a trucker. Use all the resources CDLTrainingSchools.com offers you. We have made it simple for you to start your new career the smart way. Using our inside the industry contacts, we have located and listed on this website top-notch CDL training schools from each state in the country. We make it easy for you to find the trucking school that will work best for you. Just click on the state in which you would like to enroll, and apply today.

Our trucking industry contacts are telling us they are anticipating a truck driver shortage. This confirms your decision to make your move into this industry. To keep you out in front of the pack when it comes hiring time, you must get yourself to the right CDL training school with a great reputation and the professionalism you need to stand out. These are the types of schools we offer you. We have done the research and leg work for you. Click on your state and enroll at one of our high-ranking truck driving schools today, and soon you can have your hands on your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

In the United States, a CDL certifies you to operate vehicles with a gross weight rating of 26,001 lbs. or more.

Staying current on the new trucking industry standards and regulations that are due to come into effect is extremely important to a successful long-term career as a trucker. This notion has also caused our industry contacts to speculate that many truck drivers in the U.S. who haven’t stayed up-to-date will create fresh job openings. If truckers choose not to keep up, there is a great likelihood that employers will fire them for not following safety procedures or not meeting the safety, compliance, and accountability requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These fresh truck driving openings are ripe opportunities for you and your new career.

When you have completed your coursework and land your first job, you will get first-hand experience of how the trucking industry really operates. Often there is a slight adjustment period as you learn your new responsibilities and what each employer expects of you. Our cdl training schools also train you on how to move through this transitional time, in order to grow a successful, lucrative career.

This sets the trucking schools we have listed for you apart from most schools in the country. Our industry insiders tell us that not everyone makes it through this adjustment period. Usually those students who quit or give up during this period did not attend a truck driving school that equipped them with the confidence to handle the pressure of this transitional time. CDLTrainingSchools.com looked for those schools who know how to prepare you for the inevitable bumps in the road as you are getting your new career off the ground. Of course, your attitude and your eagerness to succeed in the trucking industry are vital components to your success. We want to help you succeed. Click on your state and enroll now.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training

Truck driving schools concentrate heavily on teaching you everything you need to know to obtain your CDL and operate large vehicles safely. On completion of your coursework, you will have the confidence you need to pass the all-important CDL test. You will also learn how to perform the associated tasks of the job position. Of course, not only you will learn the safety, compliance, and accountability standards set by your state’s transportation office, but our trucking schools show you how to easily stay current on the new standards that apply to your job. Many of our schools also help with job placement your first time out and assist in finding financial aid or tuition reimbursement.

Free Online CDL Practice Exam

CDLTrainingSchools.com gives you an online practice CDL exam. This will not only boost your confidence when it comes to the all important test date, but gives you a measuring stick of how your knowledge of the industry is growing. Take it as often as you see fit.

As you move through your coursework and learn the industry regulations and standards, keep using our practice CDL test online as a gauge of your readiness. By the end of cdl training, you will be ready to pass with flying colors.

We Are Here For You

If you feel you have a true desire to build a new long-term career as a truck driver, CDLTrainingSchools.com wants to help you succeed in making this a reality. We can help you find the finest truck driving school in your area. Our industry contacts are extensive. Use our resources to your advantage. We encourage you to take this first step in your new career and register at the trucker school in your area today.

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